80′ Screen & Neon Sign

From inside the Snack Bar, you have one of the best views of the Frontier’s original screen, lit up by the latest in digital projection and surround-sound equipment. The 80′ screen was still on-site, and was renovated and reclad to bring it to a brand new condition. Supports were replaced, and the area underneath was clad with wood slats to create storage.

Exterior view of the Frontier Snack Bar at night with the projector lights shining through the sky.

Born Hospitality Group develops our unique programming with a love and belief in the power of film, featuring titles both new and old. Keep an eye on our schedule for specially curated films by some film industry vets, artists, and some of our best friends!

The movie screen at the Frontier Drive Inn before dark with two people walking nearby.
Drive-in movie screen showing an old black and white movie.

The original neon sign was in a sorry state when we purchased the property. Birds had long inhabited it, and most of the neon was broken. The original paint had aged into a pretty lovely patina though, so we forged ahead hoping to keep that.

Morry’s Signs in Denver ( began with cleaning, and repairing. Morry’s is one of the few remaining neon sign shops, and they have a penchant for the old sign. The lettering was thoughtfully redrawn from the aged painted lettering. Type mockups were made full-size and numerous color renderings were considered for how to use the neon. Our goal was to keep it as original as possible, matching today’s neon colors as closely as we could.

Watch videos of the process behind the restoration here and here.

The old, derelict Frontier Drive Inn sign at midday.
Neon Frontier Drive-Inn sign that says IN MOVIES WE TRUST.
Large black script Frontier Drive-Inn logo that says IN MOVIES WE TRUST in an arch above it.