During Your Stay

Room Information

The Frontier is equipped with in-room and Snack Bar WiFi coverage.

Network: Frontier Drive-Inn Guest | Password: inmovieswetrust

The Frontier is a non-smoking and non-vaping facility. Guests who do smoke in their rooms will be charged a $300 cleaning fee to the card you originally booked your stay with.

We love dogs at the Frontier! If you have brought a furry friend, please be sure you have noted this with our staff as there is an additional pet fee of $25. Please be sure to clean up after your pet, we have a pet station to the south of the Snack Bar. Pets must be leashed while on site. This is for the safety of fellow guests as well as your pets, as we do have the occasional wild visitor and are located next to some busy roads.

Park only in designated guest parking zones. You are welcome to unload bags near our walkways—and then proceed to park your vehicle in the designated guest parking zones. We ask that you please do not drive or park near our rooms as there are other guests present.

Your suite is equipped with in-floor radiant heating. Please keep in mind that this system does take a little bit of time to regulate. Please try to change the temperature one or two degrees at a time if you feel the need, otherwise you might wake up cooking!

The Frontier Yurts are equipped with a “smart” pellet stove—to power on, simply press and hold the red “power” icon until you hear a beep. From there, only touch the up and down arrows to regulate temperature.

Caution: Pressing other buttons could result in program settings changing, which could cause the stove to shut off at the end of the program.

Reset Instructions: If you experience any type of interruption, please turn off the lighted power switch on the left back of the stove for 30 seconds, turn back on, and the stove will reset. Additional pellets can be found near the shared bathrooms if you happen to run out during your stay.

The communal bath house at the Frontier Yurts is equipped with in-floor radiant heating. We keep it at 68-70 degrees to accommodate all our guests.

Our doors tend to expand and retract according to the weather. When you leave your room, please make sure the door is latched and locked. If the door does not latch, it may blow open and stay open until you return. If door does not lock, please touch the button on the back of the door handle and close the door. The door will lock manually.

Each of rooms are individually styled and appointed with equipment and products to make your stay at the Frontier the most comfortable and inspired as it can be. If you feel so inclined to take a little piece of the Frontier with you, please note that you will be charged the full price of the item taken, as well as a replacement charge (usually 2x the price of the item).

Cooking & Movies

The Frontier shows films June 1st through October 15th. Movies begin at Dusk and are usually finished prior to 11pm.

Our theater is equipped with a one-of-a-kind outdoor speaker system which allows our guests to sit on our grass and enjoy our films under the stars. Occasionally, we will use our “Silent Disco” sound system, so guests who aren’t watching the film can enjoy a quieter night.

Your room is stocked with two lawn chairs for our viewing lawn and a down Rumpl blanket for use indoors and out. Please note that if these items are not returned to your room upon checkout, our system will charge the credit card on file for their replacement.

The San Luis Valley is known for unpredictable weather patterns and strong winds. We do our best to plan around weather, but there are some nights when showing a film isn’t in the cards. On those nights we encourage you to check out some games we have on supply in the Snack Bar and meet some new friends!

The Frontier Snack Bar is the general activity hub for the whole site! It’s a great place to relax with friends, meet other guests, and load up on popcorn before a movie under the stars. It is a shared space for all our guests, so please be courteous of other guests; keep things tidy, be sure to clean up spaces after meal time, and do not leave dirty dishes in the sink.

The Snack Bar’s hours are from 6:30am–11pm, or a half hour after the screening has completed on movie nights. Please be mindful other guests might be waking up early for a sunrise at the sand dunes or some first chair laps at Wolf Creek—and keep your noise to a minimum. Please read our kitchen rules below if you are interested in cooking at the Frontier.

We love cooking with friends and family, and the Frontier was designed to facilitate communal meals. If you’d like to cook during your stay, you can pre-book a kitchen box which includes utensils, plates, cups, bowls, and cooking supplies, along with your reservation. You will receive the padlock code to your box at check-in.

Please clean cooking tools and utensils before loading your box at the end of your trip. Any missing items at the end of your stay will be charged back to the credit card on file. We also have a shared refrigerator in the Snack Bar available for guests to use—inside the refrigerator (which has a glass door and is located under the counter next to the stove) are labeled crates.

Please keep your goods confined to the crate that corresponds with your room number—any goods not within a labeled bin are subject to be disposed of by our cleaning staff.

Chefs: our kitchen is equipped with a induction stove top, just like some of the best restaurants in the world! It works by sending heat directly into the pan (not all pans will work—only stainless steel, cast iron, or enameled iron).

Place the pan on the stove, spin the corresponding dial to a desired setting, and your pan should be heated within the minute. Don’t forget to use the hood (push the clock button and then a number setting).

Please use caution when using the stove – the stove surface and pan will both heat up quickly.

Our popcorn machine is for operation by staff members ONLY. Please do not attempt to use it.

We will, of course, be offering free popcorn during any film screenings.

Our yurt pods each have their own fire pits—these are propane operated and do not need any wood. Please do not put anything into the firepit. To operate, turn the timer located on the Yurt Bath wall. In case of emergency, please push the emergency cut off switch located under the timer and call 911.

Our Site

We are always striving to provide our guests with a unique and one of a kind of experience at the Frontier. At times, there may be some “works in progress” on the site, such as our collection of vintage trailers. Please use discretion and do not enter any work zones or the trailers. We will do our best to ensure our noise and work do not affect your stay.

In the fall of 2022, we completed our first commissioned art + architecture intervention at the Frontier. The “Skylos” are a series of 3D-printed adobe structures by architect Ron Rael. As a local growing up in Antonito (a few miles south of us!) now based in the Bay Area, Ron developed this technology of extruding a traditional adobe mixture (water and local earth) out of a large scale 3D printer. The Skylos are for our guests to enjoy and experience—we suggest taking a walk to the Skylos after sunset, and see how the towers frame the night sky!

The Frontier is a remote experience and location. Please note that for the safety and security of our guests, our property, and the greater community we do have a few locations under surveillance. If you see anything that seems out of the ordinary or peculiar, please call our management at (720) 946-4691. In case of emergency, please call 911.

Please note that we are an outdoor and rural facility, you may have the occasional natural visitor. Please be mindful of keeping food in the Snack Bar and out of your rooms.

While we know she is very cute, and sometimes very vocal as she does her evening rounds, the local cat is very well cared for and does not need to join you in your room.

Frontier Drive-Inn property map drawing designed by EBD.
Large black script Frontier Drive-Inn logo that says IN MOVIES WE TRUST in an arch above it.